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Hi, I'm

Staci Clemmer

My name is Staci Clemmer. I taught 3rd, 4th and 5th grades during my 26 years of teaching! I retired from Allen ISD, after teaching 11 years in Ector County ISD in Odessa, Texas.

I want to thank you, or your parents, for your interest in my Conquer Cursive Online Lessons and Workbook! 


I hope you will see the way that I have designed it, you will learn all of your lower case and your upper case cursive letters the very "fastest" and "easiest" way that has ever been designed. 

If you would like information on group classes or information on how to bring this to your classroom either online or in-person, please contact me today. I would be thrilled to teach your students!

My Dedications


I want to thank Kari Clemmer, my best friend, and the inspiration for writing this workbook. Kari watched as so many of my students learned the correct way to write cursive, in a completely different way than ever before taught and mastered in less than a week. After I showed her how I teach it, she insisted that I publish a workbook so everyone who didn't learn the correct form of writing cursive can learn the fast and easy way! Thank you for encouraging me and believing in me. Kari is the author of The Co-Parenting Workshop and The Step Co-Parenting Workshop and the owner of The Mediation Room in Dallas, Texas. Her website is if you or your family need some life changing help for building a new co-parenting experience for children and all the adults that have influence in their lives.


I want to thank both of my parents for teaching me all about life, how to treat others with love and respect, and in turn, I would gain their respect. My mom, Cleta Garms, was a 1st grade teacher for 28 years, and my dad, Harold Garms, was a 7th Grade Texas History Teacher for 32 years. I was an only child, and loved taking my friends on vacations to Colorado and many states! They taught me to speak with "tact" and to always treat others how I wanted to be treated. I live today with both of those thoughts always at the forefront of my mind. My parents loved me more than life itself. They gave me the world.

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