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Conquer the Art of Cursive!

And learn valuble life lessons along the way!

Welcome to Conquer Cursive!

Please take a moment to watch my welcome video. Here, I explain why Conquer Cursive is an important      addition to any children's life. 

What Will You Learn?

Conquer Cursive, the workbook, was release on Amazon in 2017. Now, it's accessible online with step-by-step, easy to follow guided lessons.  Only $20.00 to learn cursive and master the art!

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Beginner Lessons

I guide beginners through

6 series of step-by-step lessons on the basics of cursive.

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Life Lessons

It's more than cursive! I'm passionate about teaching students valuable life lessons.

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Fast Track Masters

If you've had cursive training in the past but want to master the skill, this is for you!

Benefits of Learning Cursive

Brain Development

"But instruction in cursive writing in particular seems to produce the greatest neurological effects. The key difference is that cursive writing stimulates brain synapses and the synchronicity between both sides of the brain, unlike printing or typing."

Helps with Dyslexia

"There's evidence that cursive helps students with dyslexia learn to read and write because it “integrates hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and other brain and memory functions.”

Makes You Smarter

"It could make you smarter. In addition, cursive writing has been shown to improve left-right brain synergy and even promote the brain's language and memory functions."

A Part of History

Platt Roger Spencer a book-keeper in the 1800's developed cursive. It was the adopted form of penmanship and many historical texts are documented in cursive. 

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Get the Book!

Order the book today to gain the best experience of Conquering Cursive. 


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